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Greener Grass, Lower Utility Bills and Less Water Waste

No wonder landscape irrigation systems are so popular in Nixa, Springfield & Sparta, MO

Imagine spending a sweltering afternoon hand-watering your lawn and flower beds, only to realize a few days later that you missed a few spots. Say goodbye to parched patches of grass - Castlerock Landscape of Nixa, Springfield & Sparta, MO can install a landscape irrigation system that will water your lawn evenly.

Your irrigation system will come with...

  • A state-of-the-art backflow preventer that prevents contamination
  • Inconspicuous sprinkler heads that can be placed around your yard
  • Automation features that control how much water your system uses

Contact us today to get a landscape irrigation system set up at your property.

Is it time to get your backflow prevention device tested?

Missouri law requires property owners to get their backflow preventer devices tested every year. This involves a certified backflow tester examining your device for wear and tear.

Reach out to Castlerock Landscape today to speak with an honest backflow tester serving Nixa, Springfield & Sparta, MO.